Dreaming of you, yes YOU

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It is a little past seven in the morning,
I dreamt of you.
Wide awake 'cause of this feeling,
This feeling of you!

'I saw you from the corner of my eye,
Walking probably to your car,
Poised gait and determined steps,
Unaware of me or anyone really.
I stopped on the steps,
Thought of turning around and well ...,
"But what would be the point", as they say.

But if time has taught me anything it is this,
Letting go of you is not humanely possible for me,
So I turned around, and there you were at a distance.
"Hey you",  seemed to be an indifferent smile on you.
I smile big, thinking "at least she recognizes me",
We hug, and kiss each other on the cheeks.
"How are you?", the standard statement of all.

But I don't remember what I said,
I barely recollect the words you spoke,
Save that feeling of standing next to you,
Being content, plain simple joy of seeing you,
The heart beating even faster each second,
Catching a smile of you, the stretch of your lips,
Just you, what else did I need,
What else did I ever need in life save you?

Then we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere,
Near an empty road, and it started to pour down,
You took my hand, "come, I can see a light there".
And then I remembered where I was,
Near the road, that led to my home,
Not where I live, not where I had ever lived,
But my home none the less, get it?

"This way", I screamed on top of the patter of the rain,
"What? Where?", you would rather go what you can see,
"Come along", I took your hand this time,
'Cause "trust me" was probably pretty implicit.

And we reached the door steps of my neighbour,
"Towels please, and the keys to my house",
They gladly handed me both, "but it's raining".
True, it had got even heavier by the minute,
But home is home, that is the place I know,
And for the first time and probably the last,
You are here, how could I not bring you there?

We ran again, with a childish glee on my face,
Unlocked the door, and steped in,
I turned around to look at you,
You had a smile on your face,
Wet and exasperated, but smiling,
My job was done, what else could I want,
I felt relieved, but then a pain in my gut,
I thought to myself, "oh, how have I missed you"!'

I woke up, sweating on my bed,
With the AC running at twenty six,
With this emptiness inside,
Like I just lost everything in a second,
Reminding me again, lest I forget,
"I miss you, how badly I still do"!

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