My kind of love

Posted by Zave | Posted in , | Posted on 02:51


They talk about passionate love,
I say, no, I don't want that.

I want a love which looks the usual,
But pulls me to deeper depths by the day,
Grips me with a gradual fervor, bit by bit,
One which makes sense, but only after a while.

They have a phrase, love is crazy,
I wish I get one which is not.

I want a love which is understandable,
Where my heart and mind can be one,
Without conflicts they can be at peace,
And I don't have to fight an unending war.

They would probably say I am boring,
Let them, I really don't care.

I am content in simply being sane,
Holding her, while she walks alongside me,
Trying to figure her out, every step of the way,
Knowing it might last forever, or just a single day.

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