Turning away

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I have gone to the point of no return,
Spent too much time without concern,
Build far less bridges than I have burned,
Now at the crossroad I know not where to turn.

There were few that I knew existed for me,
Fewer still are left to tell those little tales,
What goes within is best left alone anyways,
They've grown up, time to just let them be.

What's with the world that's going up in flames,
Or is it just me reeling in it's scathing heat?
The rest have made a life of it the best they could,
And silly me trying not to abide by the rules of the games.

Now you judge and I'm made the bad guy,
The rotten dead among the shining lot,
"Go away, you don't fit in", they cursed at me,
And I left, without a second look, never asking "Why"?

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