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One step at a time,
Scampering into the golden sunshine,
Dragging along the dirt from the rubble,
As little as possible, as clean as it can be,
Holding the palm up to manage the glare,
Seeping in those little rays visible in dust,
Imagination laid on the canvas of reality.

A touch of strength, an ounce of courage,
And escape into the realm of possibilities,
Just another step, it is time.

Ignoring the tattered screeching knees,
Stretching the arm searching for anything,
With an undying hope and a resilient mind,
Trembling to get up on those rusty feet,
Soaking in the promise, starting to believe,
A faint smile overpowering the doubt,
As the head rises a fraction towards pride.

Free from the self made shackles,
Marching to victory, alone and joyous,
There is no path, save the one you pave.

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My friend i like to make one comment for last 5 posts.
Sometimes it all takes just one genuine prayer to change everything.
Never talk to mind, mind never listens, just command the mind what is right and keep repeating that command. everything will change as you want instead of how mind want.

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I've written what I could,
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