In the distant past

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They said it is all a game the mind plays,
But they probably didn't feel my heart race.
A hint of joy, a bit of pride, and a hell of a lust.

It would wear down, was the first thought,
For they had predicted it to be so, long ago,
Conveniently leaving out that it lingers, the taste of it.

Often a thought, seldom a dream, and always a smile,
Not a care in the world, and a pair of wings to fly,
"It depends", they argued frivolously, but who cared!

That time, the last time I was myself,
On that strange day when you were mine!

Rhyming words

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Word after word I let it seep through,
They always made sense in the end,
Always the pain, seldom the fears,
And occasionally with a cautionary tale.

Not that the intentions are such,
The best of the worst win every time,
As if they are the few that could speak,
The ones who are often heard the least.

Due diligence

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The clouds have long been there,
Scary, gloomy and threatening,
If only they would be feared.
A step at a time, one by one,
Inching closer to the inevitability,
The storms pick up finally for good.

Bruised and battered the ego,
Words conjured up by the darkness,
A recipe for the fateful fruitful disaster.
The belief reassured, solemnly promised,
Cast away from the prying eyes of expectations,
A dejected seed reluctantly grows into being.
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