Note to self

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Have you ever stared down too long,
But just at a few unmeaning lines,
Smiling at nothing save yourself,
Have your eyes twinkled with memories,
Of a life lived and the beauty of it all?

Indeed I have, actually quite a few times.

There remains just a feeling or a faint touch,
Of the memories which are hidden deep within,
The best upfront and the worst blurred a little,
Of the life lived in mistakes, but not lived in vain,
Sometimes with some sanity, other times as an insane!

Now that is of course not a proof of anything,
But why should it make that any less true,
Those who have "been there and done that",
Could speak up for yourself if you please,
And I couldn't care less if no one came!

I write not to tell them, it is to me.
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