World of ours

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The ways of life,
Take you places unknown,
Tear you into the tiniest pieces,
Then coughs up a little glue,
And grind you back to one.

No, they don't ask for permission,
You wouldn't even know what to say,
Scratch your balls or you head,
Some things are beyond us,
What fool would not accept this?

Oh, but it is all in our hands they think,
Some say it is the randomness of order,
I question the supposed randomness,
Order prevails inspite of it everywhere,
So why to follow anything except self?

They say it is a monstrous rebellion,
Others say it is chaos which needs to end,
I merely see the decisions of the I's,
Stout, resolute, fearful and brave,
Consequences to be lived and faced!

You can try to find the truth of it all,
Take an oath to rid of the evil there is,
Way of life this is, only you don't realize,
Not ours, not of this world or the earth,
Too small we are to look beyond our egos!

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