What goes around, comes around

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We might live our life,
As if there is no tomorrow.

We might live,
And forget their life,
No looking back is all we think.

We may lose,
And never mourn the loss,
With no clue of whats gone.

We might win,
And bask in the glory,
No matter how we got there.

We could walk off,
And not turn back to see,
If they did really find their feet.

We probably smiled,
And not wondered why,
Thinking the smile was our's.

We rejoiced,
And didn't take time to think,
If it was joy or merely a laughter.

We exist, for us we think,
We exist within us,
And of course without them all.

We believe us,
What ever satisfies us the best,
'Cause we are all alone in end?

Yet a thought lingers about us,
Of what we did, and didn't.

We forget, only to be reminded,
What goes around,
Comes around!

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