Note to self

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Have you ever stared down too long,
But just at a few unmeaning lines,
Smiling at nothing save yourself,
Have your eyes twinkled with memories,
Of a life lived and the beauty of it all?

Indeed I have, actually quite a few times.

There remains just a feeling or a faint touch,
Of the memories which are hidden deep within,
The best upfront and the worst blurred a little,
Of the life lived in mistakes, but not lived in vain,
Sometimes with some sanity, other times as an insane!

Now that is of course not a proof of anything,
But why should it make that any less true,
Those who have "been there and done that",
Could speak up for yourself if you please,
And I couldn't care less if no one came!

I write not to tell them, it is to me.

The one from my backyard

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A tree grew in my backyard,
I took no notice at first,
'Cause it was like any other,
Grew out of nowhere,
And stood up too proud.

It grew, larger than I thought,
More prosperous than I hoped,
A better shade than most,
But above all, in my backyard.

But then I moved out,
To experience the world there is,
Traveled places, lost myself,
And yet I never let go of the tree,
A constant reminder of home.

Years I devoted to knowing,
I aged trying to uncover the truth,
I rejoiced and battled with pain,
But I kept dreaming of the one,
The one which still graced my backyard.

Then time turned me homeward,
I walked in, and through to my backyard,
To see it still there, mighty and generous,
A little forgotten, somewhat neglected,
It's reach diminished by some people.

I lay down below, and it all came back,
The innocence, the stupidity, the futility,
A constant in my otherwise fickle life,
"This would be, why should it not",
I whispered in my childish glee.

But the common folks are different,
Cheap thrills, blatant charms, is their thing,
Silence has no beauty, faith is boring,
"What pleasure lies under that one tree?"
They often asked, and I never made sense.

And then they chopped it down,
Out of nowhere, one unfortunate day,
It was gone, leaving behind the splinters,
No I didn't collect them, not out of grief,
But 'cause there was no point to it.

Strangely things change, but not much,
My idle time is still as idle as it used to be,
Yes, the shade is gone from my backyard,
And for most days I stand at the edge of it,
Staring down at the empty space left,
At the end turning back, with a drop of tear,
Or occasionally with a hint of smile.

What goes around, comes around

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We might live our life,
As if there is no tomorrow.

We might live,
And forget their life,
No looking back is all we think.

We may lose,
And never mourn the loss,
With no clue of whats gone.

We might win,
And bask in the glory,
No matter how we got there.

We could walk off,
And not turn back to see,
If they did really find their feet.

We probably smiled,
And not wondered why,
Thinking the smile was our's.

We rejoiced,
And didn't take time to think,
If it was joy or merely a laughter.

We exist, for us we think,
We exist within us,
And of course without them all.

We believe us,
What ever satisfies us the best,
'Cause we are all alone in end?

Yet a thought lingers about us,
Of what we did, and didn't.

We forget, only to be reminded,
What goes around,
Comes around!

World of ours

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The ways of life,
Take you places unknown,
Tear you into the tiniest pieces,
Then coughs up a little glue,
And grind you back to one.

No, they don't ask for permission,
You wouldn't even know what to say,
Scratch your balls or you head,
Some things are beyond us,
What fool would not accept this?

Oh, but it is all in our hands they think,
Some say it is the randomness of order,
I question the supposed randomness,
Order prevails inspite of it everywhere,
So why to follow anything except self?

They say it is a monstrous rebellion,
Others say it is chaos which needs to end,
I merely see the decisions of the I's,
Stout, resolute, fearful and brave,
Consequences to be lived and faced!

You can try to find the truth of it all,
Take an oath to rid of the evil there is,
Way of life this is, only you don't realize,
Not ours, not of this world or the earth,
Too small we are to look beyond our egos!
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