Love - Hate

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 a page from his diary,

What would I know about love?
Sick maniac robbing you of yourself,
King of the slaughter house of your peace,
Granter of the ignorantly wished unfaithful pain!

Unleash the God in you respectable sir,
Kill that vibrant ego, slash that lust's throat,
Walk into the heaven of brutal scathed reality,
Trust yourself and lock the purgatory's doors!

You can't be killed 'cause death is at its own little game,
Survive, survive, and simply survive, is all it states,
If only you failed, think of the life there is ahead, way ahead,
That is if you desperately wanna see how victory tastes?

But mostly why live a cruel joke, when you can crack one up,
Vow to find that unforgiving joy, as if it were possible,
Falling for the bloodsucking parasite wrapped in flowers,
Murmuring, "backstabbing snitch, you've been trusted just enough"!

Let me, please

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a page from his diary,

Let me hold you,
Sweep you in my arms,
Look into your curious eyes,
And touch your trembling lips.

Let me be there,
Drooling over your heavenly voice,
Tickle your godly tender body,
And kiss your irresistible neckline.

Let me be lost,
Tangled in your locks of hair,
Confused by your innocent charm,
And leave behind the world with you.

Let me be myself,
Resting in your proximity,
Apprehending every breath you take,
And be that kid I always wanted to be.
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