Girl interrupted

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She laughs a ton and cries a pool,
Either one after a few jugs of beer,
A true dude among the regular dudettes,
The girl next door living with her own fears!

She braves the world, this bloody teeming place,
Successfully keeping her wishes and dreams still alive,
An art I truly wish to miraculously master someday,
Provided this world would first let me at least survive!

She dreams of love and a few other things I can't divulge,
Among them a wish of eloping, probably somewhere quiet,
'Cause she hates the traffic and the crossing of streets,
And the modern transport (bikes) do give her a fright!

She smiles, oh yes, very much often too indeed,
But let it not mask the red hot rage burning inside,
Sudden slaps and brutal punches are her specialty,
And no, there is no rule of fighting to which she abides!

From a distance I watch, 'cause she is not exactly next door,
Listening quietly, not a word more do I wish to say,
From the distance I watch her smile, clueless why,
But the fact that she does, is enough for her everyday,
That girl, that girl interrupted, anyways, happy birthday!

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Touchingly nice

Is this by you or is it a song? Very lyrical

Mr Nasir, thanks.

This is by me, no song that I know of at least. :)

Dude!!!! this is one awesome piece :) :) TOO GOOD!!!

Really? That good?
Anyways, thanks. :)

Very well done :-)

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