The haunting

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I don't keep looking back at what I long left behind,
I trust ashes of my memories must have been blown away,
"May he rest in peace", probably was not even whispered,
"Dead and hence forgotten" is the new mantra anyway!

But once in a while the vengeful me tends to rise from the dead,
And with unsaid questions the distorted shadow knocks on my door,
"How could you move on and leave me there to rot and die,
When you knew I was a part of you which you mercilessly tore"?

Bathed in blood and tar, the dark sludge dripping from his body,
His eyes gloomy and murky, his lips sealed and stitched monstrously,
His hands burned and twisted, neither begging nor pointing,
He was just there, stolid, without remorse, motionless and lonely.

A part of me, yes, a part of my very own soul, my long lost self,
Born of the pieces chiseled out to keep myself untouched and pure,
And while I was too busy getting rid of this pain, I halved myself,
Oblivious of its everlasting consequences or its illusory cure!

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