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Stranded at the far end of the street,
You feel the road could have just begun;
You turn around and start walking,
Towards the probable distant horizon!

Staring at the murky twilight outside,
You realize it could be the break of dawn;
You get out of your ridiculously cozy bed,
Thinking the day has not yet begun!

Sitting alone along the sandy lonesome beach,
You look at the foot prints right by your side,
You believe someone else could have come along too,
And possibly would have gone away for a ride!

Listening to the only song being played aloud,
You sense it could be all about you right now,
You notice its what you wrote a long time back,
As if you knew this would come true somehow!

Trying hard to believe all this to be about me,
I hear the distinct ring of the overhead wind chime,
And I smile at myself, "I am not dreaming,
At least not today, not this time"!

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