The truth

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Its neither about being a born sadist,
Nor turning a pessimistic with time.
Its neither called giving up the little hopes,
Nor can it be the undying fear of loss.
Its neither about the absence of of the dream,
Nor the presence of the disappointments.

Its neither about how sincerely you try or fight,
Nor is it whether others believe is right.
Its neither called being just another coward,
Nor can it be an alternative to struggle.
Its neither about getting lost amidst the faces,
Nor is it rediscovering yourself in any way.

Yet you will give up one day and accept the truth,
For once come face to face with the wretched reality.
Who was always there with a smug smile on his face,
And a curious few bunch of words for you at the end,
"You fail, you rise, and you continue trying again and again,
But how long do you think even you can survive that pain" ?

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Ah - so intensely put :-).

beautifully woven words..

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