Those bits

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I just sit there, thinking,
Getting sad, and heart broken,
Feeling betrayed and suffocated,
Growing jealous, and happy,
All muddled up with a hint of pride.

But then my heart grows heavy,
And its weight keeps mounting up;
I struggle, trying to cut it down,
Desperate to cut off myself from me,
And throw its bits down with disdain.

I succeed, yes I do, just a little,
I always do, always have been,
But then whats left shamelessly stays,
As it has, since eternity, those bits.

Drop by drop an ocean becomes,
And so do I drown to the depths,
I don't swim, never knew either,
Just stay, motionless, not a sound,
And watch you, watch you grow,
See you go away, further away,
And as my vision fades, my senses rest,
I commit to the emptiness inside.

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brought tears in my eyes..

I didn't when I wrote this.

ya..seriously!!! u wrote ur heart didnt felt much pain i guess..

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