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a page from his diary,

In the end they leave,
They all do without fail.

Deserted and unnoticed,
You are left alone like always.

They turn back, once in a while,
Yes, they look back, stare in pity.

And people nudge you, with their words,
Remind you of yourself, "how do you do" ?

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So damn true .. And how much that hurts ! The question which we dont want ourselves to answer, yet voices do. You have beautifully engraved pain in your words. ( Strange, pain can look so beautiful to others too ! )

Pain not only looks beautiful, it is actually so.
Or at least so I believe.
And people so often overlook this fact.

Very very true dude...

Pain is overrated. It is death that takes everything in stock and makes you think about everything else.

We can't experience death, and then tell the tale, so can't comment on that. But we are pretty accustomed to pain, isn't it?

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