As always

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a page from his diary,

In the end they leave,
They all do without fail.

Deserted and unnoticed,
You are left alone like always.

They turn back, once in a while,
Yes, they look back, stare in pity.

And people nudge you, with their words,
Remind you of yourself, "how do you do" ?

I am off

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Days crawl into the inglorious past,
And revisit to stab me from behind.
The wait never seems to be over,
And it kills me every second inside.

I make a run for the sake of my life,
Only to re-return to the place I began.
I just keep writing on and on in vain,
'Cause the words go unnoticed with time.

And then you ask me the most silly question,
Why am I always in a hurry to go off?
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