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a page from his diary,

Seldom is this life as you picture it to be,
Often it is just like another game we play,
Winning and losing, betting and battling,
Stopping and turning, figuring out the bluff.

You take up the days and make it worthy,
You live a single night and you realize,
This is all just nothing, just another sham,
And yet you live on, wanting to believe.

But there is always a limit to the wait,
An end to every road you take up,
A day when you can't take it anymore,
A moment when you give it up for good.

"So what, if I gave up just yesterday?
If I had no courage to go on anymore?
If I wanted the misery to end now, today?
If I only wished and those never came true?"

"I live on, don't I, just like you, unlike you,
Instead of dropping down motionless and dead,
Carrying on for the sake of things you don't know,
Knowing what is mine and what can never be"!

"Lets take a moment at a time", they used to say,
"Make the present count, make your presence felt,
Don't cry over the spilled milk over and over again,
It'll be washed away and gone tomorrow anyway"!

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