Do I wait or leave?

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Damn girl you take my heart away,
With those silly words and your surprises.
As if I can relive those moments,
The bitter-sweet reminiscence of the past.

The little walks, those long distances,
The unending wait for hours at end,
And I guess I am still in the wait mode,
Somewhere I always used be back then!

And that makes me feel I am back,
Back to being entirely myself a little more,
Thinking and contemplating the outcomes,
Still confused inside-out, right to the core.

Yet here I am in this irritating world,
Trying to work it out, trying hard to fit,
Dragging and pulling myself together,
Part by part, bit by bit.

And here she comes, crushing my hopes,
Stunning me with her smile and off she goes,
At times like the biting cold frost of the winter,
Other as soothing as the winds from the shores.

"I am not going anywhere,
Sorry for being such a fool", I say,
Wishing and yearning for the impossible,
That she would, just like old times, "stay"!

But I smile, I look at the long road ahead,
And pick up the only backpack I've got,
"Did I really change this much?", I think,
"Hell yeah I did, a very long time back"!

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Aww.... I really like it :-). Reminds me of the song "Not Over you" -Gavin DeGraw.

Really a song?
Thank you!

nicely written... i really liked it ... it would have been great if the genders would have changed :)

Why? Would have suited you better then?

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