Optimism ?

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They say it is lost,
I wonder.
It might have been,
Not until now,
"Here I am", she said,
And I rediscovered it.

They say it is past,
I lament.
It definitely was someday,
My present.
"Miss you", she said,
And I re-returned to it.

They say it is a dream,
I differ.
It most certainly was,
Not anymore.
"Live again", she said,
And it was reality.

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Sometimes, I wonder, why does it matter so much what she said.

There is only one explanation for that, "I am stupid"!

You're back. :)

Baby steps I guess.

You're finally here again! :D
And with new optimism as well! That's wonderful to see. :)

Don't worry bro I'll be off in no time again.
At least I hope not, but I know so.

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