Not again!

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There you go again,
Cutting your heart out,
And handing him down,
Or is it only a tiny piece,
Of what might have remained,
Or is it just another deception,
A lie you have mastered by now.

Do you miss him?
Ah, I need to take names,
'Cause it so confusing!

Oh take anyone you please,
No one was different I guess,
Rather all were in their own way,
And yet stupid enough to be there,
Standing hand in hand with you,
Dream the most futile dreams,
Living in a childish hope,
That its this tale, the fairy tale,
The ultimate truth of life!

Do you even remember,
What was said to them?
What you said to them,
Yes, them all, its the same,
Wasn't it, every single time?

But who am I to say,
They paid their price,
Price for trusting you,
Handing it all down,
To every single penny,
Every drop of faith left,
Every bit of their love.

Ah, its rubbish to talk it all,
And yet I do, dunno why?

In the middle of the night,
Unslept and restlessly sad,
As if I know their pain,
I can feel them breath and cry,
Mourning none save their self,
In their dreams,
Dreams of tomorrow.

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