I write, I don't say

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You miss the signs,
Wasn't that meant for you?
Yes, you mess up my head,
Isn't that too much to do?

I want to put my heart and mind,
But you are a part of me, isn't it true?
And yet there you are, silent and cold,
Now tell me what am I supposed to do?

At dawn I still dream and listen to you,
Even as you are so far away, I try,
But all I get is some nonsense chatter,
Did I deserve that, is all I can think?

I know even before you say it all,
I think I'm not such a dumb fool,
And yet this heart doesn't listen,
How can this coldness make any sense?

I am anything but not am emotional fool,
Logically sound is what I hear sometimes,
And even as I get the logic of it all,
The little heart, why can't it beat a little more?

A word of love, is all that I want,
And do hell with the caring inaudible voice,
Did I ask too much today or ever before?
How come I starve and that to death?

I write this in a little hope or none so,
Pretty much knowing its final result,
So does it make sense to me?
Frankly speaking, "Hell no"!

P.S. - This is dedicated to Hemali Mehta. I promised her a poetry on her birthday, and here it is. A little late it is, but better late than never.

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aw so Awesome! U guys are in a relationshp or sumthn?

hey thnx a lot for this gift....i did like it ...(howmuch ever i understood of it ... after u explained it to me the other day )...wud hv loved if cud hv understood a bit more .... well decoding in process ;)

Yes, this is based on the pretext of a relationship, and its mine.

You are welcome.
And I wish I could make it simpler, but I just blurted what came to my mind. I can't help with that.

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I've written what I could,
Its time you write what you want,

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