Oh, leave it!

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Yes, I know that face,
Stared at it for hours.

That voice seems familiar,
I can still hear it ring in my ears.

I've heard that giggle,
Been there to smile too.

I get that wink in the eyes,
‘Cause I always knew the reason.

That smell is still fresh,
Different from the rest.

And they say, "you forget,
You move on in life",
Well, they are actually correct.

P.S. - Quick format has its own problems, there are always chances that you can recover some data.

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HAHAHA. That was cho cute, though dark. I thoroughly loved it, missed reading you.

Yeah, actually, in a little dark place I reside now.

I like this one also because I know what it's about. I believe every word you said. Though I've never experienced it, I know what you mean. :)

I know, difficult to come across this, and even better if you never do so.

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