A flicker

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Head clubbed between my knees,
Those days have gone by.

I now look at myself,
Playing seamlessly with keyboards,
Rotating in my comfy chair,
Staring at the screens,
The mind juggling codes,
Always at the look out for mails,
And ultimately working just fine.

Sandwiched between them,
Are my useless thoughts,
Flickering a little once in a while,
Reliving many a deaths,
Surviving the brutal splashes,
Of coffee and hot chocolate.

And I seem to endure it all,
Ignorant of the emptiness,
Trying to work through,
Make a way, a little street,
Just by the highway of the city.

But I can’t, I can’t cut the traffic,
It takes hours, I grow tired.

Looking back I smile,
At the roads which I left,
To see no one is around,
‘Cause all have moved out,
Might be feeling the same as me.

I think of calling back,
Shout to the empty streets,
But I don’t,
I won’t.

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Beautifully written! :) x

Nice images!

Thanks, both of you.

its really awesome...loved it..

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