The ache

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Someone is knocking at the door,
Trying to barge into my mind,
Tear apart my soul into pieces,
And put a sword through my heart!

Frantically gaping at the air,
My eyes keep staring at it,
The letters which are carved into me,
More vividly than you could see.

I stared till my eyes burned down,
And it could take no more pain,
Craving for some smokes,
And I keep lusting for it in vain.

And even as I would make no sense,
I slowly succumb to the wounds.
Damn, I am bleeding inside out,
If only someone else could see.

P.S. - Don't try to think too much. And yes, I know I have stopped making any sense!

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Pain can only make you go so far.
That you would realize what need be done.
But perspective makes you suffer so much more.
And the pain rises, or stops at your touch.

Get in touch with me. Let me know what happened.

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