The ache

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Someone is knocking at the door,
Trying to barge into my mind,
Tear apart my soul into pieces,
And put a sword through my heart!

Frantically gaping at the air,
My eyes keep staring at it,
The letters which are carved into me,
More vividly than you could see.

I stared till my eyes burned down,
And it could take no more pain,
Craving for some smokes,
And I keep lusting for it in vain.

And even as I would make no sense,
I slowly succumb to the wounds.
Damn, I am bleeding inside out,
If only someone else could see.

P.S. - Don't try to think too much. And yes, I know I have stopped making any sense!

Bla bla bla

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Everything is perfect,
All is beautiful.

You raise your voice,
And someone is there;
Listening to your blabber,
Or adding on more words;
Commenting on your rants,
Or silently frowning over;
Smiling at your stupidity,
Or thinking you to be so;
Scolding your selfishness,
Or learning from that too;
Driving you back to sleep,
And watching you dive deep.

And then?
You wake up!

Oh, leave it!

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Yes, I know that face,
Stared at it for hours.

That voice seems familiar,
I can still hear it ring in my ears.

I've heard that giggle,
Been there to smile too.

I get that wink in the eyes,
‘Cause I always knew the reason.

That smell is still fresh,
Different from the rest.

And they say, "you forget,
You move on in life",
Well, they are actually correct.

P.S. - Quick format has its own problems, there are always chances that you can recover some data.

A flicker

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Head clubbed between my knees,
Those days have gone by.

I now look at myself,
Playing seamlessly with keyboards,
Rotating in my comfy chair,
Staring at the screens,
The mind juggling codes,
Always at the look out for mails,
And ultimately working just fine.

Sandwiched between them,
Are my useless thoughts,
Flickering a little once in a while,
Reliving many a deaths,
Surviving the brutal splashes,
Of coffee and hot chocolate.

And I seem to endure it all,
Ignorant of the emptiness,
Trying to work through,
Make a way, a little street,
Just by the highway of the city.

But I can’t, I can’t cut the traffic,
It takes hours, I grow tired.

Looking back I smile,
At the roads which I left,
To see no one is around,
‘Cause all have moved out,
Might be feeling the same as me.

I think of calling back,
Shout to the empty streets,
But I don’t,
I won’t.
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