2 days to go

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Yesterday we came,
And its already time to go.
For once we wish against wish,
Time go slow, just a little slow.

Four years we supposedly had,
Thousand plus days of dreams,
And just two more days now?
Is this really what it seems?

Achievers have no mind to rejoice,
Losses and regrets matter no more,
The teary twilight has set in,
The end is here, knocking at our door.

Heaps of memories, stacks of mistakes,
We frantically gather as they slip through,
Its time to break the mould which cast us,
Time to show to the world, who is who!

Many a thoughts crowd my mind,
Not enough words for what I learnt,
So excuse my verses a little,
If I couldn't write what you want.

P.S. - Dedicated to the last 2 days of official college life.

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awesome zave...true story!!!!


rite now this is exactly wat i feel.... its written most aptly..!!!! cud i plz borrow it so my frnds cud read???

No probs.
These are for everyone.

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I've written what I could,
Its time you write what you want,

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