You know, right?

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Its your aura,
Yes, the scintillating you,
That dazzles the tiny me,
Keeps me glued to thee.

Its your smile,
Yes, those stretched lips,
That keeps me going,
Make me smile once again.

Its the little time,
Yes, that very infinitesimal,
That makes me come back,
Re-return again and again.

Its the nonsense talks,
Yes, those worthless chatter,
That speak to me incessantly,
Whisper in my longing ears.

Its the casual stroll,
Yes, those walks by the sideways,
That inspire my heart and mind,
To walk many a miles more.

Its the mere thought,
Yes, the very thought of you,
That is enough to make my day,
To take me through and away.

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Is this about what I think it's about? ;)

Yeah, sort of, and no, not exactly.
Its complicated.

I know I know :P

Well, I like the direction I see it may be going in. ;)

Its good to know that you know, but I guess "you" knows as well.

Don't try to expect things.

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