When its you...

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No boundaries keep me bounded,
No chains drag me to the hell hole,
No silly excuses keep me alive,
You see through the priorities of my life.

No fear of losing crowd my mind,
No need of promises to live forever,
No defining of limits and trust,
You already know what commitment is.

No muffled voices in my mind,
No masks distort my little face,
No half-truths make me guilty,
You accept me as I always can be.

No compliments are hefty burden,
No feelings demand vivid expression,
No remorse uttered via worldly words,
You understand my heart inside out.

No thoughts are put into explanations,
No repeating me again and again,
No clarification makes me think,
You always know what is within me.

No extra efforts keep it dragging,
No new emotions take us forward,
No changes mark our pathway,
You keep us the same even now.

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very sincere thoughts on love and understanding:)

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