Still the same!

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He said, "you are so wrong",
They too believed it to be so.
He said, "why won't you do it ?"
They just stared for an answer.

"Its my heart, its the way I am",
Not that I was still convinced so,
But this is what brings out the best,
The hint of love and care which I feel.

He said, "you are in love, isn't it ?"
They had absolutely no doubt either.
He said, "you know it yourself, right ?"
They had no idea what was in me.

"I know, yet, its complicated",
As if I could solve this mystery.
I was just a mere character in it,
The script was written and ready.

He said, "and how long will that be ?"
They wanted it to end too soon.
He said, "no one can say no, not to you",
They had a little too much faith in me.

"I don't believe in me, not anymore",
I had tried and failed more than once,
And what made it even worse was,
I had no idea, I was confused to the core.

He said, "you'll pretend everything is okay ?"
They wanted me to yank myself out.
He said, "then don't cry in front of me anymore",
They had got used to it now anyways.

"I'll be the same, its not too hard you know",
Specially if you prepare for it everyday,
If the lips always fake yourself out,
It gets you through a day and yet another day.

P.S. - Trust me, silence still prevails over everything else.

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yaar its very well written ......bravo to ya.....

its so gud to read ya guys again....

cheers :)

And its equally good to see you back in blogging circuit.


hope you're doing good!

I have featured you in an award @

Yours Truly x

Thanks for the award.

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