Love feels different

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Love feels like it no more.

Love feels like something I can control.
One moment I love her, need her by my side,
The very next moment I can live without,
And of course, for that conditions apply.

Love feels like a transient emotion.
It has a very earthly smell about it,
Scarily calm at times,
Not vibrant, neither heart throbbing,
Nor high, as I had once thought it to be.

Love feels like a subtle presence of someone.
Curiously vague, neither is physical,
Nor mental, not even emotional,
Its just like the inconspicuous air.

Love feels like a dream.
A light, casual, happy dream,
Realized with the open eye,
Something I'm not scared of losing,
Not for which my heart could even cry.

Love feels like touch-and-go.

Love feels like love once more.

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Nice one. "Realized with the open eye,
Something I'm not scared of losing," .. very true at times

Yes, might seems very abstract. But it actually happens to be so.
You just go above the feeling of losing.

And love this time sounds like love indeed! :-)
Beautiful composition! :-)

After a really long time have I read something as lovely as this that I'm so used to having been conjured by you. I'm really glad you can write this yet. :)
Surely, love this time will make more such poems. :)

Seems to me too. Actually seemed so since a long time.

I dunno what future holds, but I'm open to all possibilities.

LOVED UR LINES..."Love feels like love once more"

I know, and these are not just lines, these actually happened.

Oh God !!!!!!
I so very regret having been out of the blogging zone for ages....seems like so much has changed !!!
n this composition of urs is superbbbbbbbb!!

Yeah, seems so. Long time no post.
Any thought on returning back to the blogging circuit?

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