When its you...

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No boundaries keep me bounded,
No chains drag me to the hell hole,
No silly excuses keep me alive,
You see through the priorities of my life.

No fear of losing crowd my mind,
No need of promises to live forever,
No defining of limits and trust,
You already know what commitment is.

No muffled voices in my mind,
No masks distort my little face,
No half-truths make me guilty,
You accept me as I always can be.

No compliments are hefty burden,
No feelings demand vivid expression,
No remorse uttered via worldly words,
You understand my heart inside out.

No thoughts are put into explanations,
No repeating me again and again,
No clarification makes me think,
You always know what is within me.

No extra efforts keep it dragging,
No new emotions take us forward,
No changes mark our pathway,
You keep us the same even now.

Love feels different

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Love feels like it no more.

Love feels like something I can control.
One moment I love her, need her by my side,
The very next moment I can live without,
And of course, for that conditions apply.

Love feels like a transient emotion.
It has a very earthly smell about it,
Scarily calm at times,
Not vibrant, neither heart throbbing,
Nor high, as I had once thought it to be.

Love feels like a subtle presence of someone.
Curiously vague, neither is physical,
Nor mental, not even emotional,
Its just like the inconspicuous air.

Love feels like a dream.
A light, casual, happy dream,
Realized with the open eye,
Something I'm not scared of losing,
Not for which my heart could even cry.

Love feels like touch-and-go.

Love feels like love once more.

You know, right?

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Its your aura,
Yes, the scintillating you,
That dazzles the tiny me,
Keeps me glued to thee.

Its your smile,
Yes, those stretched lips,
That keeps me going,
Make me smile once again.

Its the little time,
Yes, that very infinitesimal,
That makes me come back,
Re-return again and again.

Its the nonsense talks,
Yes, those worthless chatter,
That speak to me incessantly,
Whisper in my longing ears.

Its the casual stroll,
Yes, those walks by the sideways,
That inspire my heart and mind,
To walk many a miles more.

Its the mere thought,
Yes, the very thought of you,
That is enough to make my day,
To take me through and away.

Still the same!

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He said, "you are so wrong",
They too believed it to be so.
He said, "why won't you do it ?"
They just stared for an answer.

"Its my heart, its the way I am",
Not that I was still convinced so,
But this is what brings out the best,
The hint of love and care which I feel.

He said, "you are in love, isn't it ?"
They had absolutely no doubt either.
He said, "you know it yourself, right ?"
They had no idea what was in me.

"I know, yet, its complicated",
As if I could solve this mystery.
I was just a mere character in it,
The script was written and ready.

He said, "and how long will that be ?"
They wanted it to end too soon.
He said, "no one can say no, not to you",
They had a little too much faith in me.

"I don't believe in me, not anymore",
I had tried and failed more than once,
And what made it even worse was,
I had no idea, I was confused to the core.

He said, "you'll pretend everything is okay ?"
They wanted me to yank myself out.
He said, "then don't cry in front of me anymore",
They had got used to it now anyways.

"I'll be the same, its not too hard you know",
Specially if you prepare for it everyday,
If the lips always fake yourself out,
It gets you through a day and yet another day.

P.S. - Trust me, silence still prevails over everything else.
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