Ya, ya, ya, you knew it all...

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Yes I lost,
Not that you gained.

Yes I walked,
Not that you kept waiting anyway.

Yes I loved it,
Not that you had ever hated.

Yes I love it even better now,
Not that you have not found another way.

Yes I think, more than you can ever,
Not that I accuse you of anything as such.

Yes a desire still stays, to know the future,
Not that I can't see it even after so many days.

Yes I know the reason was too bleak,
Not that the decision was a faulty one.

Yes now I see the seeds I planted two years ago,
Not that I was blind then, but I chose to ignore.

Yes you have a much better present,
Not that I breed in the darkness.

Yes you are right, you are the object of this poetry,
Not that I lied about the soul factor all those days.

Yes I say all this and still keep on writing,
Not that I haven't stopped myself from doing this.

Yes I'm trying to win over myself,
Not that I have not won all my life,
But losing has quite become my habit I guess.

P.S. - At least I have a new post after a long time. And off I go hibernating again!

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Nice poem. But I do hope the object of your words changes soon. :-|

I have a strong feeling they might change in due course of time(lot of time for that matter).

Good one :) But not your best ;) :P

I know that.
But what matters is what I feel, not what I write.

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Its time you write what you want,

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