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Sometimes you need to be happy with other's happiness.
Sometimes it seems as if your happiness is too small in front of someone else's.
Sometimes you cannot say all that you want to say.
Sometimes you need to wait, even as you know its for the eternity.
Sometimes you need to smile through the day knowing you might not get another day.
Sometimes you do not get second chances.
Sometimes it happens.
Yes, sometimes. 
Sometimes you just need to endure,
And treasure all moments.

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just one thing....
"sometimes you need to stand up for your happiness, for yourself ; knowing that the big bad world might not." "sometimes you just need to break the shackles that bind you from doing something for yourself , truly for U"

But what if the one against whom I stand is a part of myself?
What if I cannot revolt, or that I've revolted, and have been being crushed in the process?
I guess, the only thing I can do is look from a distance, look, and just just keep looking that way.

well, when u have part of your body which hurts badly , which is kinda wasted you always go for an amputation. its kinda similar to that.. I know it sounds too practical and difficult to be done in reality. But a person who is successful in doing that will be happy. this is coz , at some point we need to let go off the part that hurts even though its very much our own.

According to me, its not about being selfishly happy.
Its not about winning or being the best, 'cause as I see it I would get rid of the weakest link of my life only when I want to be the best (whatever the costs may be), since we are as weak as our weakest link.
I hope to be someone more than a person who loves to win, but has to celebrate his winnings alone.

Sometimes...someone writes a poem that really strikes home. Thanks!

And sometimes I get the honour of being that writer.
Thank you.

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Sometimes ur happiness can depend on others but all the time your happiness is inside you, not big or small compared to other's one, its eternal for you find it in you. the joy from external is not to be expected but to be respected.

(I am reading your blog for last one year, this is first time i felt to comment. Many lines in ur poems coincides with my life)

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