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Sometimes you need to be happy with other's happiness.
Sometimes it seems as if your happiness is too small in front of someone else's.
Sometimes you cannot say all that you want to say.
Sometimes you need to wait, even as you know its for the eternity.
Sometimes you need to smile through the day knowing you might not get another day.
Sometimes you do not get second chances.
Sometimes it happens.
Yes, sometimes. 
Sometimes you just need to endure,
And treasure all moments.

Ya, ya, ya, you knew it all...

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Yes I lost,
Not that you gained.

Yes I walked,
Not that you kept waiting anyway.

Yes I loved it,
Not that you had ever hated.

Yes I love it even better now,
Not that you have not found another way.

Yes I think, more than you can ever,
Not that I accuse you of anything as such.

Yes a desire still stays, to know the future,
Not that I can't see it even after so many days.

Yes I know the reason was too bleak,
Not that the decision was a faulty one.

Yes now I see the seeds I planted two years ago,
Not that I was blind then, but I chose to ignore.

Yes you have a much better present,
Not that I breed in the darkness.

Yes you are right, you are the object of this poetry,
Not that I lied about the soul factor all those days.

Yes I say all this and still keep on writing,
Not that I haven't stopped myself from doing this.

Yes I'm trying to win over myself,
Not that I have not won all my life,
But losing has quite become my habit I guess.

P.S. - At least I have a new post after a long time. And off I go hibernating again!

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