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You are a poison,
Sweet like the Cyanide,
Slow like the Death Lily,
Eventually inviting death.
And those alive,
Went through the worst,
And deserve its credit.

You are a mistake,
All want to commit,
'Cause none knows,
It could be regretted,
If never committed.

You are like a toy,
One might want to play,
But once taken away,
He knows he can live,
Being still happy anyways.

You are like a trophy,
Few believe they can win,
And cherish the achievement,
But someday they find out,
You are a little out of reach.

You are like the school,
All want to go back to,
Wishing the impossible,
For a split second,
'Cause all miss it too much.
And yet they move on,
Knowing the future,
Adventures yet to come.

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You make the reader think in a direction he/she would never have, otherwise.
Loved this.

That was the whole point of the verse.
To bring out the unthinkable.
Glad I've achieved a little part of it.

Interesting write!

Thanks Rajita.

A poisonous mistake that made for a prize-worthy toy you got at school? Alright, enough jokes. :P

I loved the metaphors and the detailed vividness that you're portrayed using them. I second Enchanta here.
Nice one, buddy. :)

Now that you state this straight, my take does look a little harsh, but I guess it can pass, isn't it?
Might have to write a follow up to this.

nize and smarrt


u r superb sir...nevr saw such a passionate writer blog evr

Thank you ma'am.
I am humbled by your praises.

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