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Of the beginnings and not the ends,
Of the jokes and not the satires,
Of the success and not the failures,
Of the is and not the ifs,
Of the joys and not the regrets,
Of the love and not the hurts,
Of the trust and not the betrayals,
Of the freedom and not the chains,
Of the satisfaction and not the compromises,
Neither were,
Nor can ever be.

I write no more

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Its been some time since I wrote,
Quite a lot actually since I spoke,
And the pages of my diary,
Empty and yearning for a drop of ink.

It would seem I cannot write,
The amateur poet in me is dead,
Or just left my body for once,
I thought it to be so too, foolish me!

Its the first time I feel content,
Devoid of strange emotions,
Cured of the sick, troubling mind,
Trying to throw up a flurry of words.

Every gesture looked real for once,
With a limitless boundary for the soul.
Even the slightest tremble within me,
All accounted for and reasoned with.

Like there was nothing I did hide,
More so, no one to hide from.
Priorities set and acknowledged,
People loved and hated without shame.

And I am calm, quiet and loving it,
Life sorted out, days being counted,
Future in the bag pack, the past with held,
And the present promptly set free.


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You are a poison,
Sweet like the Cyanide,
Slow like the Death Lily,
Eventually inviting death.
And those alive,
Went through the worst,
And deserve its credit.

You are a mistake,
All want to commit,
'Cause none knows,
It could be regretted,
If never committed.

You are like a toy,
One might want to play,
But once taken away,
He knows he can live,
Being still happy anyways.

You are like a trophy,
Few believe they can win,
And cherish the achievement,
But someday they find out,
You are a little out of reach.

You are like the school,
All want to go back to,
Wishing the impossible,
For a split second,
'Cause all miss it too much.
And yet they move on,
Knowing the future,
Adventures yet to come.
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