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You thought I would walk,
Far far away,
Leave you to yourself,
Living and dying,
Crying and smiling.
And for once,
You judged it right.

Yet I am there,
Watching in shadows,
I still linger,
Like the air.

You thought I would forget,
In a second,
Be someone entirely new,
Recreating the magic,
Suffering the disaster.
And not often,
Are you this wrong!

But I have,
Trashed the nonsense,
Threw away,
Like the past.

You thought I would give up,
On everything,
For forever simply let it go,
Get on with this life,
Face the challenges.
And I dunno,
If I have done it yet.

But ask me,
Will it be like it,
I say, "yes, it will",
He said, " can never be"!

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ah well said. I wish all of this was easier but it never is, no matter how much we try.

Its not easy, but quite possible I guess.
At least I've got some proof of it lately.

its not always the way we want...........things always go beyond our thought and handling them is the beauty of life..

Ya ya.
I know!


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