Yet another act concludes

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I look around,
I find myself alone,
Lonely and deserted,
Alone on the stage,
"Where did they go?"
I wonder.

Someone pulls the strings,
The curtains begin to drop,
For once I think of resisting,
I ask, "what happened?
Why am I alone again?"
My voice echoes around,
And eventually dies out.

I know,
None would answer,
Not even a whispering reply.

I stand there,
Waiting the inevitable death.
Its the close of a chapter,
The end of the play.

I can't be seen here,
Not anymore.

I step down the back stage,
Walk away and look back,
I see the lights flicker.

In case someone walks by,
I never switched them off,
Just in a hope,
In a wild, foolish hope...

P.S. - Its good to be back to writing again.

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so much void in ur life??
i nvr realized that...i thot that phase is over...or is it the nostalgia thats grasping u wen u c ppl bg with their own lives??

Yeah, a bit of void yes.
But its not THAT phase I am talking here.
Its something else.
Will tell you later.

janaab aap aankh bahut maarte hai ..

Of course, in the last comment I was meaning to hint at something secretive. And that is why the wink.

na dear frnd...u r nt lonely....

Seems my hope was not foolish after all, isn't it?
Glad to see you around dear.

very beautifully written and expressed poem.

Thanks Pratibha.

This was brilliant! I loved the metaphoric style of writing.
And if poetry like this is what was showcased as part of your "play", whether the lights be on or not, people would take notice, for sure. :D

Thanks yaar.

gud..i like ur wild n foolish hope..;)

Well, people say its good to be hopeful, and frankly speaking, I was at least not let down this time.

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