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They ask me what is wrong,
As if they didn't know.

Yes, something is not right,
But how do I make them understand?

If only they could see through me,
If only I could explain myself.

Would it make a difference?
Frankly, it might, or might not.

Ah! I'm living, and that is all,
Living life to its fullest!

If only I could speak the truth,
If only I could not fake me!

I don't speak numerous word,
Silence being the only one.

Loneliness, my only love,
Me is what I am left with now!

Trust worthy friends for support,
And my loving family to live for!

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Just spit it out! Nice poetry, by the way. :D

" they " . . .

loved d verse....

Hell! Its not that simple friend.

Of course, I have quite a few of them.

I'm glad that you did.

..nice again n still saying same thing...i know letting go is not i assure u wn u vl rise frm ashes of tht hurting past..u vl b reborn again..n dn u vl wonder y u hold tht so long..thts life..b'ful wid hidden surprises..n live it wid a colossus smile on ur face so tht tear even wonder "y I am here"..!!

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You have a lovely attitude full of hope.
Its great to hear those words.
And trust me, I'm trying my best. Might have even succeed quite a bit, but there is still a long way to go.

gud 2 hear tht..ya I know a long way to go..!!!

That is why seems a bit too tiring at times.

..getting tired right in d beginning..;)

That is 'cause the road seems to be endless.
So, either my vision is impaired or there is actually no end to it, I can't exactly decide.

xactly bcoz u r luking straight at tht endless road ..just turn ur eyes left or right..u vl find reasons to make ur journey b'ful..!!

Yeah, seems I need to stop by the road and look around.
Or even better, take an entirely different road, isn't it?

..just d same road but new journey....

Thanks for the post.
Gives me a new hope, or at least teaches me to get one.

....finally.....!!!! d bst....:) cr..!!

Thank you Vidisha.

nytime Zave..keep smiling..n keep writing..;)

I have to, specially when I have writers, readers and thinkers like you visiting my blog.

It feels like you put my feelings out in these words.. How is that even possible ??

We might be going through something scarily alike.
Though that is not quite possible, yet, can be.

I bet we are... I can actually visualise it all ..
And you are right, in all its possibility, I somehow have a nasty feeling I'm soon going to have to quote your words.. In which case, you wont sue me for plagiarism, would you ? :P :P

You are most welcome to quote me, provided you give a small space to my name as well, just by your quote.

hehe.. obviously ..but lets hope such a situation never arises :|
and for you , rise and shine .. leave the past behind, and set out for a brighter and happier tomorrow.. and you'll realize what "living to the fullest" would actually mean ;-)

Yeah, I know.
That is something I've been hearing a lot these days.

good ... so apply all of that and let me know if (and how ) this gibberish really works ;-)

I would.
But personally, if I were you, I wouldn't be too hopeful about the results.

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