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I choose to run away,
Not 'cause I want to.
But 'cause I find myself,
Drawn even more close to you.

I try to keep my lips sealed,
Not 'cause I have to,
But 'cause I'm afraid,
I might spill it all to you.

I am always busy,
Not 'cause I'm supposed to be,
But 'cause I know its the only way,
To keep my mind away from you.

I cannot fall in love,
Not 'cause I can't find a girl,
But 'cause the corpse of hope,
Has not quite burned to ashes.

I write all this down,
Not 'cause I'm forced to,
But 'cause I want you to know,
All that resides within me.

I scribble these again and again,
Not 'cause I can't write more,
But 'cause this is all on my mind,
And my words speak only for it.

P.S. - Seems like I've been saying the same things since months, every time with a different set of words and attitude.

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If this is a message in a bottle, then may the bottle sail away through the wayward seas and reach the one it must.

Wishes don't come true, and if they do, they are short lived.
So it better not reach where its supposed to go.

u need a chnge really....n ya here is a piece of suggestion
"hang out with anant more
not coz u r very good frnds
but coz he is single n happy
u will feel life is happening again...

I think I do that quite often, and I'm fine without it as well.
Don't worry.

"I cannot fall in love,
Not 'cause I can't find a girl,
But 'cause the corpse of hope,
Has not quite burned to ashes."

you have done a great job here with the poem! written down your feelings beautifully and so delicately. yeah the theme's been recurring but the reader can feel the anguish and turmoil.

personally, the above lines caught my attention. no one can deny the truth of those lines. it's something most of us can identify with. and the sad part is that we keep holding on to that hope even when we know that hope's not enough!

Yeah, I thought it was better to warn my readers that I'm writing the same stuff, in case someone pokes me on that front.
And well, about hope, I know what you mean. Don't I?
;) touched my heart...i don't know wat 2 say..holding on something for 2 long often hurts..v bleed ourslf 2 death n still v want our hope 2 win..v tk last breath n still hold i wanna say is free ur hand..let it go...

I would have let go, 'cause that is what I honestly want, but only if letting go was easy.


Smiling face is quite a rare phenomena here.

i guess u dnt know the relation btw me n ur poems till date..

I can only make wild guesses since you don't exactly say much about the connection.


yeah.. you know exactly what i mean.

You bet I do know.

Wonderfully expressed, and beautifully written.

Thank you.

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