New, is it?

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A dream I see,
Wrapped in a cloud of gloom,
Under a shadow of disaster,
Through a mist of falsehood,
Gleaming at a walking distance,
Waiting to be acknowledged,
And turned into reality.

A hope I feel,
With a biting hint of disappointment,
Mixed with a sense of pessimism,
Even in the numbness of the silence,
Trapped by the eyes of the sixth sense,
Waiting to be deciphered,
And embraced by the mind.

A wish I make,
Amidst a flurry of failures,
In spite of the world's discouragement,
Braving the myriad scars of betrayal,
Believing in a better tomorrow,
Waiting to be welcomed,
And come strangely true.

A life anew,
With dreams turning to reality,
Hopes embraced by the mind,
And wishes coming true,
Lies ahead of me,
Waiting to be accepted,
And be entirely mine.

And if not,
It can always be here,
Being a part of my verses,
Unheard and unread poetry.

P.S. - Happy New Year to all. Enjoy!

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This poetry is not unread.

Yes, seems so.

well said :-).
Happy new year!!

Happy new year to you too.

beautiful wordings

happy new year!!

Thanks G.
Same to you.

happy 2 read this..brilliant work

finally u did find tht..a 'dream' aftr 'nightmare','hope' aftr 'despair','wish' after 'misfortune','new life' aftr 'annihilation'

Do I have any other option but to find some of the better stuff.
And even though hopes, dreams and wishes are over rated, yet they exist, right?

Hi Zave,

You write well and express your inner thoughts vividly.

Wishing you all that you dream of (the good ones at least:))


Thanks mate. I hope my prayers are answered.

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