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A half metalic heart hanging by a rusty chain,
Kept safe from the eyes fo the world,
In the deep corner of the black leather bag,
Touched once in a while or never at all.

A dust covered pen stand lying on the table,
Long unused, housing the webs of memories,
Sandwhiched between the now useless books,
Read and never to be read again in future.

A coffee mug with words of love on it,
Supposed to be the first to be ever held,
Now eagerly awaits its ultimate fate,
To be broken to pieces or simply kept away.

A nearly empty diary with just an introduction,
Remains empty still, like it will forever be,
Stories yet untold, conversations unwritten,
Like a dream that remained half seen and felt.

A photo frame, unscratched and spotless,
With two faces smiling at the road ahead,
Now seem to be the laugh of merciless fate,
As if that is actually what it had meant to say.

A blue file, supposed to have the documentation,
A pen, to write the future but not rewrite the past,
A bottle of ink, to fuel the sparks and the fire,
All out of order, never to be the way it was meant to be.

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i love the phrases used to compose this and express ...
loved it and ofcourse the pic too...

Some things that are lost on the way are to be never found at all... and maybe that was exactly its purpose... to keep us searching until we find something much more substantial...

Beautiful writing.

Thanks for the appreciation dear.

Very well said.
Might be they were always to be kept this way, untouched and alone.

Everytime i read your work, I get amazed more and more!
Your writing is enchanting!

And I'm amazed to receive such an appreciation from you on mostly all of my poems.
By the way, thanks again.

You have been challenged : Dare to take it up?! :) Brings out the child in you! :D

b'ful jst soo good..i appreciate ur work as a writer...but i can still find a lot of pain here....!!!

I would definitely take that up.

Thank you, and yeah, I'm just trying to channel my pain through some abstract writing so that it doesn't exactly look too painful.

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