New, is it?

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A dream I see,
Wrapped in a cloud of gloom,
Under a shadow of disaster,
Through a mist of falsehood,
Gleaming at a walking distance,
Waiting to be acknowledged,
And turned into reality.

A hope I feel,
With a biting hint of disappointment,
Mixed with a sense of pessimism,
Even in the numbness of the silence,
Trapped by the eyes of the sixth sense,
Waiting to be deciphered,
And embraced by the mind.

A wish I make,
Amidst a flurry of failures,
In spite of the world's discouragement,
Braving the myriad scars of betrayal,
Believing in a better tomorrow,
Waiting to be welcomed,
And come strangely true.

A life anew,
With dreams turning to reality,
Hopes embraced by the mind,
And wishes coming true,
Lies ahead of me,
Waiting to be accepted,
And be entirely mine.

And if not,
It can always be here,
Being a part of my verses,
Unheard and unread poetry.

P.S. - Happy New Year to all. Enjoy!

Yet another act concludes

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I look around,
I find myself alone,
Lonely and deserted,
Alone on the stage,
"Where did they go?"
I wonder.

Someone pulls the strings,
The curtains begin to drop,
For once I think of resisting,
I ask, "what happened?
Why am I alone again?"
My voice echoes around,
And eventually dies out.

I know,
None would answer,
Not even a whispering reply.

I stand there,
Waiting the inevitable death.
Its the close of a chapter,
The end of the play.

I can't be seen here,
Not anymore.

I step down the back stage,
Walk away and look back,
I see the lights flicker.

In case someone walks by,
I never switched them off,
Just in a hope,
In a wild, foolish hope...

P.S. - Its good to be back to writing again.

The list

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A half metalic heart hanging by a rusty chain,
Kept safe from the eyes fo the world,
In the deep corner of the black leather bag,
Touched once in a while or never at all.

A dust covered pen stand lying on the table,
Long unused, housing the webs of memories,
Sandwhiched between the now useless books,
Read and never to be read again in future.

A coffee mug with words of love on it,
Supposed to be the first to be ever held,
Now eagerly awaits its ultimate fate,
To be broken to pieces or simply kept away.

A nearly empty diary with just an introduction,
Remains empty still, like it will forever be,
Stories yet untold, conversations unwritten,
Like a dream that remained half seen and felt.

A photo frame, unscratched and spotless,
With two faces smiling at the road ahead,
Now seem to be the laugh of merciless fate,
As if that is actually what it had meant to say.

A blue file, supposed to have the documentation,
A pen, to write the future but not rewrite the past,
A bottle of ink, to fuel the sparks and the fire,
All out of order, never to be the way it was meant to be.

Thoughts at the moment - 4

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They ask me what is wrong,
As if they didn't know.

Yes, something is not right,
But how do I make them understand?

If only they could see through me,
If only I could explain myself.

Would it make a difference?
Frankly, it might, or might not.

Ah! I'm living, and that is all,
Living life to its fullest!

If only I could speak the truth,
If only I could not fake me!

I don't speak numerous word,
Silence being the only one.

Loneliness, my only love,
Me is what I am left with now!

Trust worthy friends for support,
And my loving family to live for!


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I choose to run away,
Not 'cause I want to.
But 'cause I find myself,
Drawn even more close to you.

I try to keep my lips sealed,
Not 'cause I have to,
But 'cause I'm afraid,
I might spill it all to you.

I am always busy,
Not 'cause I'm supposed to be,
But 'cause I know its the only way,
To keep my mind away from you.

I cannot fall in love,
Not 'cause I can't find a girl,
But 'cause the corpse of hope,
Has not quite burned to ashes.

I write all this down,
Not 'cause I'm forced to,
But 'cause I want you to know,
All that resides within me.

I scribble these again and again,
Not 'cause I can't write more,
But 'cause this is all on my mind,
And my words speak only for it.

P.S. - Seems like I've been saying the same things since months, every time with a different set of words and attitude.
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