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I wish you were here,
I wish I could hear you,
Waiting for me to return,
Trying to calm me down,
Listening to every detail,
However stupid they be,
Opening up myself to you,
Somehow I want that so bad.

Not that I can't now,
But I refrain myself again,
I pull myself back from me,
Burying those thoughts,
I walk into the arms of sleep.

Wishing good night,
All the moments,
And their thoughts.

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Painful thoughts always make some of the best poems, don't they?

Yeah, I guess so.



"I wish you were here" - if I had a coin for every time I hoped for it, I would be a rich woman. Really.

This is beautifully done :-)

And, me a rich boy!
Damn, hoping should at least pay off a little, isn't it?

ur thirst for that person shown up here...few thngs r nt in our walk along the paths of time...n need...hope u r smiling even its a fake one...:)

I guess so.
And even though faking things seem so hypocritical, yet its a crime, isn't it?

but hoping 4 dawn is not...


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