Oblivious journey

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The paper boat floats away in oblivion,
Treasuring his one priceless jewel.
The winds of time carrying it down,
While fate watches, calm and cruel.

He doesn't care about the treasures,
Not anymore, at least in this life.
Getting what he had deserved,
The long emptiness and the strife.

Yet he gets around in its search,
Only to find his treasure untouched.
None didn't even bother to look at it,
'Cause it never mattered too much.

He takes up the gem in his hand,
And polishes it to a scintillating shine.
But if only he knew it was not enough,
At least not for this bloody mankind.

Being the fool that he possibly will be,
He tries to keep it safe by his soul.
Locks the heart and shuts the mind,
Only to slip it down some invisible hole.

And before he could even realize,
The jewel's ship had set its sail.
Once more a bold hope bound to it,
A journey anew, which could only fail.

P.S. - This another of my poems which could absolutely make no sense to many of you, but its the bitter truth of life for me. And somehow, this makes me feel happy.

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journey of the paper boat is journey anew
sailing n rowing is the game of life
so never stop coz of fear..hope makes it through
what remains are memories scattered around
still to move on is d soul of song...

Beautiful objection to my words, but its difficult to look into the life via your words.
Its what ideally should be, and hence never is.

wowwwww !!!!!!!!1111
awesum . . .the clouds reflecting in the water !!woow!!
i am happy!!

Good to see you happy dear!

You are an amazing writer and I believe I got the essence of the poem.
One funny thing I observed is that we have a similar rhyming scheme.

Something of utmost importance should never be fed into some portentous hole. It may never lose importance, but it does lose the glimmer that it always has in the open.
Lovely poem, buddy. :)

Getting the essence of my poem is not rocket science, so I trust you on that.
And the rhyming sequence is the easiest to come up with, so I go by this.

Something like, "old is gold", is it?

'Course it isnt rocket science;
'cause philosophy and songs of the soul are mostly more cryptic than that!

and I have quite a bit of proof on that right here !

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