Let go... of yourself...

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Give up while you still can,
Insanity is catching up too fast,
And there is little time you've got,
So revive yourself while you last.

Fly away, the winds are on your side,
And run, not to your dark shadow,
But into the flickering light inside,
Its about time, you need to let go.

There is many a guilt and shame,
That traps a you within yourself,
A mortal beyond your cognizance,
And if he exist, let him show himself.

Is this ever going to help you?
You argue, fight and cry inside,
All bottled up and then sealed,
Why do you even try to hide?

Get over being the one you are,
Couldn't you be something more?
What is with the grumbling voices,
Why are you such an idiotic bore?

Its time you let go of yourself,
Be the one you could not yet be,
Lose yourself and get rediscovered,
And then simply trust what you see!

You've lost numerous moments in this life,
'Cause you try too hard to catch them all.
And as I know it, sometimes to hold on,
You need to let them and yourself fall!

So just let go... let go of yourself...

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unleash yourself within you
feel the beat of heart
every coin has two sides
take a leap to see the other
its you its you
may be unknown to you
more to know
more to go
so keep on walking...

Really inspiring!

That could be an extension of what I wrote.

Seems so.

To look beyond the usual, you need to de-focus. To let go of yourself and get to those moments you never did, you need to free the mind from all abstractions.
Very interesting poem, buddy.

I never really went so deep, but I like the way it can be interpreted.
But I think that is the beauty of poetry.

it relates to me excatly buddy....but i can't let d inner mortal to come out, coz it's unwanted.....truly not needed in dis wrld.....

Its true with everyone.
All have someone hidden within themselves too scared or too ignorant to bring it out.

insanity !!!!!!!!!!!

Its the courage to accept someone within you whom even you don't or can't even see.

Very liberating.
I can't help but notice the rhyming scheme.

Its all about independence.

its too abstract an idea...

Yes, abstract, but it is something one can do.

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