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J- Joys of the world
A- Arrogantly have turned away
D- Defeated as I am
E- Ending this seems easy
D- Death being my way

P.S. - For Acrostic Only.

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You're jaded in the face of death? That's very courageous! :P

I wish I could be.

What a heavy acrostic...nicely written.

The write girl,

wat happened 2 u???such a post?????

Nothing is happening.
Its just something that I wrote which felt right.
Can't challenge my feelings, can I?

interesting acrostic

well i dnt knw much about AO but i liked what i read......ur writing has soul not just words...

Thanks for the visit.

Its a compliment I guess. But I sincerely hope my soul is not so much interested in death.

Thanks for giving me something to do, you know how the nights before exams sometimes invoke the experimentation-worm in you.=)

I can understand that very well.
I wrote my first Acrostic before the night of my 7th semester final exam.
And for that matter this one too was written before an exam.

another gud one dude.....

Thanks Prakhar.

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