Hanging out

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H- Hell is right here
A- And we the devils
N- Neglecting the doleful world
G- Getting drenched in happiness
I- Itching for more life
N- Nothing stops us today
G- God too can't help

O- Out on the streets
U- Until the night fades
T- Together we shall rock

P.S. - For Acrostic only.

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Now this is a very interesting take on the prompt, and one that's very believable ... as we do hang out with some strange folks at times ....

And end up having a lot of fun as well...

nice one :-)

i love d pic...seems u dressed in yellow...:-)


I don't mind being that boy.

awesum pic yaar ......
wow !!
m luving it !!

I'm glad you like it.

wow! such a heart touching meaning! friends rock ! and ur post too !

wow.. friends hanging out together is really exactly the way you wrote. :-)

When its friends, its obviously fun!

At least I tried my best to say so.

"Hell is right here and we are the devils" What fun to read this makes me long for those days of young adulthood when nothing could hold me down!

Like we can do anything.
Feeling like the king/queen of the world.

well dil khush kar diya yaar.......
awesum wrds..

Aur aap ki khushi main hi meri khushi...

That was so cuteeee :) GEE!

Thanks Sonshu.

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