An appology

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I wanted to walk a thousand miles,
Yet I ended more than a million spaces away,
And even if I bury those thoughts deep,
What of those I lost along the long and busy way.

Its like my darling subject chemistry,
I had a big crush over when I still was in touch,
And now that I've finally given up on it,
I've forgotten the mysteries I once loved so much.

Now curled up in a lonely selfish box,
Banging my head against its stoic stubborn wall,
I find myself asking one question,
"Why the hell did I decide on abandoning them all ?"

"I just wanted to run away",
And as if I didn't know what I had to face then,
I curse myself for being a coward,
An escapist I am, have been, since I don't know when!

And though it might not make sense,
Or at least not to those I owe an obvious apology,
I still can't look into their eyes,
Or come up to them and explain this vague analogy.

Kneeling down I beg your pardon,
To all this world, my friends and enemies and to me,
For being the boy I am,
Still held by the shackles, chains bounding me to thee.

P.S. - I don't even know if those whom I owe an apology are actually reading this. If you are, I'm truly sorry, 'cause until now I never got the courage to say so.

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I see a trend in your poetry. :P

Lovely poem with exactly the words that it needs. But it makes me think; exactly what are you apologetic of?

I know its difficult to get it, but I definitely can't explain it.
Its complicated.
By the way, whats the trend?

your two last poems have been about apologizing. That's the trend! :P

aww... that is a very courageous thing to do. Don't you feel better now? :-)

I think so. Much better than before.

hey dude
dats really gud dat u hv let dis thing vl make u feel damn gud(i knw dat)
secondly,dese chains alwaz keep hindering us frm doin nethin out of d league.......may b u hv left d things dat u shudn't bt believe me dere's much left out dere to still hold on nd stick to,jst search fr it....

Yeah, I guess so.
At least I'll have to be faithful with those whom I have by my side.


it had been days since I last read your post or poem to be more precise.
This one sounds good,but I fail to grab the reason behind it.
Anyways, thats your personal life,it feels nice to express your view/feelings in these wonderful lines, doesn't it ???

you have been 'tagged'.
see my post "All that I need"

You know sometimes even when others find no sense in my poem, I still have a big chunk of my heart put into it, and this is no different.
And as I had said earlier as well, I know that its not possible to interpret this easily, specially when you have little knowledge about my personal life.


I very know that, dude.
Its nice that you do things from your heart. :)

u write 4m heart dear....loved it...:)

Thanks Smita.
At least somethings in me have not changed I guess.

You would be gladly forgiven for THIS.
Awesome build up.

Might be I would. At least that is what I hope for even now.

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